Assigned reading for ENVR 468:
Environmental and Health Geostatistical BME papers


Ground Water Quality and Properties


Sanders, A.P, K.P. Messier, M. Shehee, K. Rudo, M.L. Serre, R.C. Fry (2011) Arsenic in North Carolina: Public Health Implications, Environment International, Vol. 38  pp. 10-16. (pdf article) (pdf supporting information)


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Surface Water Quality


Akita, Y., G. Carter, and M.L. Serre (2007) Spatiotemporal Non-Attainment Assessment of Surface Water Tetrachloroethene in New Jersey, Journal of Environmental Quality, Vol. 36, Number 2, pp. 508-520. (pdf article)


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Water Quality using River Distance


Money, E., G. Carter, M.L. Serre (2009) Using River Distances in the Space/Time Estimation of Dissolved Oxygen along Two Impaired River Networks in New Jersey, Water Research, Vol. 43, No. 7, pp. 1948-1958. (pdf article) (pdf supplementary information) (gif movie 1) (gif movie 2)


Money, E., G. Carter, M.L. Serre (2009) Modern Space/Time Geostatistics using River Distances:  Data Integration of Turbidity and E.coli Measurements to Assess Fecal Contamination Along the Raritan River in New Jersey, Environmental Science & Technology, Vol. 43(10), pp. 3736-3742. (pdf article) (pdf supporting information) (avi movie 1)


Money, E.S., D.K. Sackett, D.D. Aday, M.L. Serre (2011) Using River Distance and Existing Hydrography Data Can Improve the Geostatistical Estimation of Fish Tissue Mercury at Unsampled Locations, Environmental Science & Technology, (pdf article) (pdf supporting information)


Jat, Prahlad; Serre, Marc L (2016) Bayesian Maximum Entropy space/time estimation of surface water chloride in Maryland using river distances, Environmental Pollution, Elsevier, (pdf article) (pdf supporting information)


Jat, Prahlad; Serre, Marc L (2018) A novel geostatistical approach combining Euclidean and gradual-flow covariance models to estimate fecal coliform along the Haw and Deep rivers in North Carolina, (pdf article and supporting information)


Air pollution


Serre, M.L., G. Christakos and S-J Lee (2004).  Soft Data Space/Time Mapping of Coarse Particulate Matter Annual Arithmetic Average over the U.S., in X. Sanchez-Vila et al. (eds.), geoENV IV -  Geostatistics for Environmental Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1, 115-126. (pdf article)


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Allshouse, W.B., J.D.. Pleil, S.M. Rappaport, M.L. Serre (2009) Mass Fraction Spatiotemporal Geostatistics and its Application to Map Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons after 9/11, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment. (pdf article) (pdf supplementary information)


De Nazelle, A., S. Arunachalam, M.L. Serre (2010) Bayesian Maximum Entropy Integration of Ozone Observations and Model Predictions: An Application for Attainment Demonstration in North Carolina, Environ. Sci. Technol. Vol. 44, pp. 5707–5713. (pdf article) (pdf supplementary information)


Akita; Y., JC Chen; and M.L. Serre (2012) The moving-window Bayesian Maximum Entropy framework: Estimation of PM2.5 yearly average concentration across the contiguous United States. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology (pdf article) (supplementary material


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Yasuyuki Akita; Jose M. Baldasano; Rob Beelen; Marta Cirach; Kees De Hoogh; Gerard Hoek; Mark Nieuwenhuijsen; Marc L. Serre; Audrey De Nazelle (2014), Large scale air pollution estimation method combining land use regression and chemical transport modeling in a geostatistical framework, Environmental Science and Technology. 2014;48(8):4452-4459. (article)


Xu, Yadong; Serre, Marc L; Reyes, Jeanette; Vizuete, William (2016) Bayesian Maximum Entropy Integration of Ozone Observations and Model Predictions: A National Application, Environmental science & technology,50,8,4393-4400,2016,American Chemical Society (pdf article) (supplementary material 


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SE Cleland, JJ West, Y Jia, S Reid, S Raffuse, S ONeill, ML Serre, Estimating Wildfire Smoke Concentrations during the October 2017 California Fires through BME Space/Time Data Fusion of Observed, Modeled, and Satellite-Derived PM2. 5, Environmental Science & Technology, 54 (21), 13439-13447, 2020 (pdf article) (supplementary material


MN DeLang, JS Becker, KL Chang, ML Serre, OR Cooper, MG Schultz, S Schröder, X Lu, Lin Zhang, M Deushi, B Josse, CA Keller, J-F Lamarque, M Lin, J Liu, V Maracal, SA Strode, K Sudo, S Tilmes, L Zhang, SE Cleland, EL Collins, M Brauer, JJ West, Mapping Yearly Fine Resolution Global Surface Ozone through the Bayesian Maximum Entropy Data Fusion of Observations and Model Output for 1990-2017, Environmental Science & Technology 55 (8), 4389-4398, 2021(pdf article) (supplementary material



Disease and Fatalities


Choi, K, M.L. Serre and G. Christakos (2003) Efficient mapping of California mortality fields at different spatial scales, Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology, 13 (2), 120-133, 2003  (pdf article)


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Lee, S.J, K. Yeatts, M.L. Serre (2009) Mapping childhood asthma prevalence across North Carolina using data collected at different spatial observation scales, Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Epidemiology , Vol. 1, pp 49-60 (pdf article)


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