Homework 1 Ė part 1

Coordinate System

Date given: 08/27

Date due: 09/03 noon



You are in charge of preparing some GIS maps concerning hurricane preparedness in Eastern North Carolina.  It is important to identify major roads that can be used as evacuation routes before the storm and as supply routes for responders after the storm. 


 Description: C:\Users\mserre.AD\Documents\1win\Academia\teaching\201208_ENVR468\homework\hwk1\ENVR468hwk1part1_files\image001.jpg


In addition, you want to locate industrial hog operations that can become major sources of pollution in the event of flooding.  By contacting various agencies, you have collected the following shapefiles for Eastern North Carolina:


EasternNC_Counties.shp, EasternNC_HogFarms.shp, EasternNC_Roads.shp and EasternNC_Interstates.shp.


Obtain the shapefiles listed above by downloading the following zip file: EasternNC_Hog.zip . Then extract that file to its directory (EasternNC_Hog), and work from that directory to complete the assignment described below.


The shapefile for the hog farms was collected by students in the field and you donít have information about the coordinate system they used.  Define the coordinate system for the hog farm shapefile.  Then create an arcMap document of Eastern North Carolina counties, interstates, roads, and hog farms that use a common coordinate system that is optimal for displaying this map. Save your arcMap document as yourfirstname_yourlastname_hwk1part1.mxd in the EasternNC_Hog directory. Make sure that when you start arcMap, you have the settings set to save relative path names by going to:


            File->Map Document Properties -> Store Relative Path Names


Additionally create a word document showing a good map of a representative part of the region, with an informative legend, and save it as yourfirstname_yourlastname_hwk1part1.doc in the EasternNC_Hog directory.  The view should be selected so as to show that the data was projected correctly.  Explain what you did so the data was projected correctly.  The word document should be no more than one page.


Finally, zip the EasternNC_Hog directory (making sure you include all the shapefiles, etc.) in a file named yourfirstname_yourlastname_hwk1part1.zip, and send that zipped file electronically to the instructor.