GIS Resources at UNC



Accessing GIS Software at UNC


See instructions from GIS & Data Services Software Guide: GIS Software. In short:


        Go to the UNC Davis Library Research Hub and use a public computer with ArcGIS.

        Remotely log on a computer from the UNC Virtual Computing Lab (VCL), and select a computer with ArcGIS.

        Use a browser to load ArcGIS virtually using the UNC Virtual Lab.

        Install ArcGIS on your computer by obtaining the software from Software Acquisitions (Follow instructions to install, including on how to request an ArcGIS 10.x Authorization File).  Mac Users: ArcGIS only works on windows, but you can a run Windows virtualization software (such as Virtual BoxBootcampParallels or VMWare).


ArcGIS in ENVR 468


arcGISshortCourses.htm      Introductory Short courses 
understandingCoordinateSystems.htm      Understanding coordinate systems


07_creatingDataLibraryforBME.docx        Obtaining Freshwater Quality Data for NJ        NJ shapefiles and Surface water Phosphorus data and locations in NJ      NJ shapefiles and Surface water Phosphorus data and locations in NJ (completed project)
11_Health_Exercise.docx      Health Exercise 
12_Health_Data.xls      Health Data for the Health Exercise      Roads and Zip Codes near NC, useful for the Health Exercise 
13_GeocodingAssignment.docx       Geocoding Lecture Notes and Exercise Assignments (Instructor will demo).       Files needed for the Geocoding Exercise Assignments (Instructor will demo).
14_mappingChlamydialInfectionLab.docx      Lab on mapping Chlamydial Infection (Do it at home)       Data needed for the lab on mapping Chlamydial Infection (Do it at home)


Additional ArcGIS training


Getting Started with ArcMap: GIS & Data Services Software Guide: GIS Training & FAQ


See instructions to get ESRI training from GIS & Data Services Software Guide: GIS Training. This includes the ArcGIS Tutorials.


GIS Training from CDC


Tutorials from ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS tutorials

Exercise 1: Add a database server to the Catalog tree and create a geodatabase


SpatialLabs from ESRI

         Assessing Point Groundwater Contamination Potential: The Floridan Aquifer (Beginning, 3h)

         Assessing Nonpoint Groundwater Contamination: Florida caves (Intermediate, 3h)


Book Resources from the UNC Library



GIS Data


From Davis Library Research Hub go to GIS/Mapping and either use the Find Geospatial Data search field, or go to Spatial Data and click on the Getting Started tab.


UNC GIS Librarian

         Philip McDaniel


EPA Geospatial Data


Geographic Information North Carolina


NC One Map


New Jersey Department of Environmental Protectionís GIS Web Page



Miscellaneous Additional Exercises


Exporting a shapefile into into Interchange File Format (e00) with longitude-latitude

Instructions for Creating Maps with the same scale for value
Understanding Coordinate Systems 

Benís exercise on coordinate Systems and exporting a shapefile into Interchange File Format (e00)


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