BMEGUI provides a Graphical Users Interface (GUI) to the Bayesian Maximum Entropy Library (BMElib) used to conduct Space/Time geostatistical analysis.



Obtaining the BMEGUI software


BMEGUI version 3.0 update 1 [BMEGUI 3.0.1] (River metric, BMElib 2.0b, python 2.5.1, does not need arcGIS, win 7  64 bit OS) 



BMEGUI training and presentations

Getting started with BMEGUI.
Analyzing space/time variability using BMEGUI.
Mapping estimation using BMEGUI.
Instructions for Creating Maps with the same color scale.

Installing BMEGUI on a computer


Best option: If you own a windows laptop, or have access to a windows desktop where you can install new software, then install BMEGUI on that computer.


Alternatively: Go to the UNC Virtual Computing Lab, login with your onyen, click on Reservation and then on “new reservation”, select a computer with windows such as “Base No Apps, Windows 10 (Full Blade)”, click on “Create Reservation”. Once the reservation is ready, click on the ‘Connect!’ button, save the password and click on ‘Get RDP File’, double click on the downloaded RDP file, click on ‘Connect’, and enter the password. This will give you remote desktop access into a windows computer where you can install BMEGUI. However, the install is lost every time you leave that computer!



Accessing BMEGUI on a VCL computer


Follow the instructions above to get on VCL, but select one of the following two computers

 “BMEGUI3.0.1, Windows 10 (Full Blade)”, or

 “ DAVIS LIBRARY RESEARCH HUB BMEgui3.0.1 Win7 64(Full Blade) “

The advantage is that you do not need to install BMEGUI every time you get in VCL.



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