GIS Resources at UNC



Accessing GIS Software at UNC


See instructions from GIS & Data Services Software Guide: GIS Software. In short:


·         GIS Software is available on the public computers in the 2nd floor of UNC Davis Library.

·         GIS Software is also available via any browser using the UNC Virtual Lab.

·         GIS Software is also available from a remote computer using the UNC Virtual Computing Lab (VCL).

·         Finally, if you want to install the software on your machine, request ArcGIS Desktop 10.3 from Software Acquisitions (Request (1) ArcGIS Desktop (2) ArcInfo Workstation. You will receive a DVD with the software. Install it on your machine. Then request an ArcInfo Authorization File (see How to request an ArcGIS 10.x Authorization File). Important: During installation, install at the Advanced (ArcInfo) Licensing level, and do a complete installation with all of the extensions. After installing you may need to install the latest service pack from the Esri support website.
Mac Users: Note that Esri does not officially support ArcGIS software installed on a Mac, but there are some 
best practices for installing ArcGIS desktop on a Mac.  


GIS Training


Getting Started with ArcMap: GIS & Data Services Software Guide: GIS Training & FAQ


Technical support for GIS at UNC: email


ENVR468 Short Courses for ArcGIS


Beginner ArcGIS Tutorials on AFS: Obtain and install OpenAFS from UNC shareware, then go to \\AFS\\data\gis\tutorial\beginner_exercises


See instructions to get ESRI Online Training from GIS & Data Services Software Guide: GIS Training. In short you can get :

·         Esri Virtual Campus courses included with UNC site license (as a UNC student you can email a UNC GIS Librarians with the name of the course you would like to take, and your full name and UNC onyen. You’ll receive a course access code via email. Once you have that, go to Esri Training, follow the "My Training" link, then the "My Virtual Campus Training" link. If you already have an Esri global account, sign in with your member login and password. If not, click "Create new account" and complete the form to create a new Esri global account. There is no fee to join. Beginners may find the following courses especially helpful: Learning ArcGIS Desktop (for ArcGIS 10), Basics of Map Projections (for ArcGIS 10), Working with Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS 10, Getting Started with the Geodatabase (for ArcGIS 10) )

·         Esri also offers a number of free online courses available to anyone.


GIS Training from CDC


Tutorials from ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS tutorials

Exercise 1: Add a database server to the Catalog tree and create a geodatabase


SpatialLabs from ESRI

·         Assessing Point Groundwater Contamination Potential: The Floridan Aquifer (Beginning, 3h)

·         Assessing Nonpoint Groundwater Contamination: Florida caves (Intermediate, 3h) Tutorials (available to UNC affiliates via onyen login):

1.      Up and Running with ArcGIS (Beginner, 3h 13m)

2.      ArcGIS Essential Training (Intermediate, 5h 28m)


Book Resources from the UNC Library



GIS Data


From Davis Library Research Hub go to GIS/Mapping and either use the Find Geospatial Data search field, or go to Spatial Data and click on the Getting Started tab.


GIS & Data Services (use the geospatial “Search” button)


UNC GIS Librarian

·         Philip McDaniel


EPA Geospatial Data


Geographic Information North Carolina


North Carolina Geospatial Data


New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s GIS Web Page



Miscellaneous Additional Exercises


Exporting a shapefile into into Interchange File Format (e00) with longitude-latitude

Instructions for Creating Maps with the same scale for value
Understanding Coordinate Systems 

Ben’s exercise on coordinate Systems and exporting a shapefile into Interchange File Format (e00)


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