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Carrboro NC 27510
USA grew up on the farm in the south of France. The delicious plums, grapes and cherries were worth the work they required on an organic farm.

When the time came to study, I moved to the nearby city of Toulouse. Toulouse is a great place for a college student, with the Pyrenees Mountains at only 3 hours drive to the South and the Mediterranean sea at 3 hours to the East. I enjoyed several hiking expeditions to the picks of the Pyrenees, and I will always look forward to coming back to the Pyrenees for more!

While studying in Toulouse, I went to the Institut National the Sciences Appliquees de Toulouse (I.N.S.A.T.) for five years to become on engineer in Physics. But Physics did not keep me interested so I then attended the E.N.S.E.E.I.T. for a one year program in Hydraulics Engineering, and discovered a great field. I worked a little on hydraulic and environmental impact studies in the south of France, but then the call for traveling got to strong to resist, and I moved to Iowa.

I stayed there longer then what I thought I would. I enjoyed doing graduate work at the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (I.I.H.R.) , especially on projects about fish bypass systems and other hydraulic model studies.My n picture

I both graduated from the University of Iowa, and after a couple of years in Dubuque Iowa working in the GIS software industry, I moved to Chapel Hill. There I enjoyed the university life and several outdoor outings in the nice Carolina weather, while doing environmental modeling at the Center for Advanced Studies of the Environment (CASE), and volunteering at

After graduating with a PhD, I moved to Alexandria in Egypt. I spent almost one year in Egypt, appreciating the life in Alexandria, and working on a study of the air quality in Cairo.

After spending almost one year in Egypt I returned to the US at Chapel Hill where I am now living with my wife Leslie Montana and our two daughters Natalia and Isabela.