University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The UNC-BMElab Seminar Series Spring 2012

Location: room 1304, Michael Hooker Research Center (next to Dr. Marc Serre's office).

Tentative Schedule





Feb 15

1-2 pm

Kyle Messier

Methods for Integrating Multiple Data Sources, Land Use Variables, and Bayesian Maximum Entropy for Estimation of Tetrachloroethylene

Feb 29

1-2 pm

Jeanette Reyes

Incorporating Mobile and Point Sources with General Knowledge to Estimate Yearly PM2.5

Mar 6

2-3 pm

Alexander Kolovos

Space-time analysis on both sides of the academic gates: Putting your education to the test

Mar 14

1-2 pm

Lani Clough

BME disease mapping of Syphilis in North Carolina

Apr 25

1-2 pm

Prahlad Jat

Monitoring Network Design for Water Quality Using Geo-statistical Techniques


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