UNC-BMElab space/time studies



Environmental Exposure Mapping


Surface Water


   Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon after 9/11

   Particulate Matter after 9/11

   Moving Window BME yearly PM2.5 across US in 2003

   Land Use Regression BME yearly PM2.5 across US in 1999-2009

    PM2.5 across California during the 2017 Oct 8-20 wildfire



Using Euclidean Distances

   Tetrachloroethylene in New Jersey

   Fecal Bacteria in an Estuary in NC

  Nitrate across NC

   Fecal Coliform, Jordan Lake in NC


Using River Distances

   Dissolved Oxygen in two rivers in NJ

   Fecal Bacteria in the Raritan river, NJ

   Fish Tissue Mercury in two NC rivers

   Chloride in three watersheds in Maryland


 Using River Distances and Flows

   Fecal Coliform, Haw & Deep rivers in NC



   Arsenic across New England

   Microbial contamination of wells in Bangladesh

   Arsenic across North Carolina

   PCE across North Carolina

   Nitrate across NC

   Nitrate and Radon across NC

   Radon across NC



Medical Geography

Risk Assessment

   Black Death in middle age Europe

   The 1999-2004 syphilis outbreak in Roberson/Columbus NC

    Bayesian BME mapping of Gonorrhea and Syphilis in NC

    Pedestrian Mortality across Cali, Colombia, 2008-2010


  Impact of Atmospheric Particulate Matter onto Cardiopulmonary mortality in Thailand

   Impact of Groundwater Arsenic onto Cancer Prevalence in Bangladesh


Environmental Databases

Swine CAFO sprayfields in Duplin County