pyDonutGeomask version 1.0

(A Donut Geomask computer program written in Python 2.6.5 for ArcGIS 10)

Primary Developer: Kristen Hampton

Project: Spatial Epidemiology of Syphilis and Gonorrhea in North Carolina
(NIH/NIAID grant number 5 R01 A10679130102
, PI Willam C Miller)

The pyDonutGeomask computer program written in the Python© programming language provides a useful method to protect the confidentiality of sensitive geocoded health data by randomly displacing the coordinate of each data point. The donut geomask approach displaces each data point by a minimum amount, which provides privacy protection without the loss of spatial information that results from aggregation. The pyDonutGeomask works from within ArcGIS and as a results uses projections native to ArcGIS, which corrects some projection issues with the Matlab version of donutGeomask.

pyDonutGeomask version 1.0 works in ArcGIS© version 10 using Python 2.6.5

User Instructions

pyDonutGeomask version 1.0 User Instructions

Program File

pyDonutGeomask version 1.0 Program File