Stephanie Cleland


MSPH student, 2018 present

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7431


Room: 14 Rosenau Hall

Office Phone : 919-966-1095

e-mail: scleland@live.unc.edu






Advisor: Dr. Marc Serre and Dr. Jason West

Awards: Weiss Urban Livability Fellowship (2018-2019); B.B. Parker Fellowship (2018-2019); Alan and Linda Rimer Endowed Scholarship (2018-2019); Gillings Merit Award (2018-2019); Best Student Poster: Community Modeling & Analysis System Conference (2019); Triangle Global Health Annual Conference Student Scholarship (2019); NIOSH Traineeship Recipient (2020)

Current Project

UNC || BMElab