Richard Strott


MSEE student, 2019 - present

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7431


Room: 006 Rosenau Hall

Office Phone : 919- 843-2869

e-mail: rickys03@ad.unc.edu




Advisor: Dr. Marc Serre

Awards: NIOSH Traineeship Recipient. (2020), Baity Scholarship Recipient (2019), and Hazen Award (2019)

       BS, Environmental Engineering, University of Georgia, 2019

Current Projects

       Space/time exposure mapping of VOCís in the Gulf region of the United States. More specifically, this involves modeling, via geostatistics, the atmospheric concentration and exposure of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and styrene (BTEX and styrene). These VOCís are often the result of industrial emissions, and they pose a large threat of both environmental and occupational exposure for those spending time outdoors in vicinal areas of industry. Additionally, the research is aiming to determine if there is autocorrelation of these VOCís over longer spatial and temporal periods; thus, those workers further away from industry could still be at risk of environmental and occupational exposure.

       Currently collaborating with a team of cross-university and state researchers to predict COVID-19 outbreaks by analyzing viral RNA loads found in wastewater. Primary tasks included disease mapping of COVID-19 using Bayesian Maximum Entropy method of geostatistics and building predictive model for sewershed pipe flows based on collected parcel data. 


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