LCloughLani Michelle-Clough Fox

UNC Research Collaborator, 3/1/2016 – 2/28/2022

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7431

Room: 14 Rosenau Hall
Phone: 919 966 1095
e-mail: laniclough at hotmail.com                                                                                              


Research Interests

Research Position

_        Visiting Scholar, Current

Summary of Qualifications

·      Experienced in creating MATLAB, SAS & Python scripts and using high performance Linux-based computing   cluster to analyze large public health and environmental data sets

·      Strong statistics and geostatistics background

·      Effective project management skills

·      Proven record in proposal writing

·      Resourceful with the ability to quickly learn new skills

Work Experience

·       World Bank Social Development Department  Washington D.C.                                                      
            Geostatistical Consultant        (June, 2013-present)

·       Cloud and Precipitation Processes and Patterns Group at NCSU  Raleigh, NC               
            Research Assistant (January-July-2013)       

·       MEASURE Evaluation at the Carolina Population Center at UNC-CH Chapel Hill, NC                       
            Research Assistant (November, 2011 – present)

·       Injury Prevention Research Center at UNC-CH Chapel Hill, NC
            Research Assistant (August, 2011 – August, 2012)                                      

·       Information Technology Services: Research Computing at UNC-CH Chapel Hill, NC 
Graduate Assistant (June, 2011 – August, 2012)      

·       Sexually Transmitted Disease Outbreak Detection (Dr. William Miller) at UNC-CH  Chapel Hill, NC    
            Research Assistant (August, 2010 – June, 2011)

·       North Carolina Dept. of Public Health, Communicable Disease Branch, Raleigh, NC                          
            GIS Consultant  (August – December, 2010)

Business and Website Manager (March, 2009-July 2010)

·       California State University Monterey Bay

Adjunct Faculty (June, 2006- August 2008)

·       Monterey Peninsula College

Adjunct Faculty (August, 2005- December 2008)

·       Marine Advanced Technology Education Center

Faculty Development, Internship & Diversity Coordinator (August, 2005- October 2008)

GIS Consultant (November, 2004- May, 2005)

Richtersveld Mapping Project Coordinator (September, 2003- August, 2004)

Organic Cover Crop Research Assistant (October, 2002- April, 2003)

·       Service Learning Institute at California State University Monterey Bay

Boys and Girls Club Volunteer Coordinator (August, 2000- May, 2002)


For more detailed information on my work experience, please visit my LinkedIn page!


·       Fox, Lani C., Serre, M, et al. "Spatiotemporal approaches to analyzing pedestrian fatalities: The case of Cali, Colombia." Traffic injury prevention (2014, in review)



·         Global Ocean Surface Underway Data/Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System               Meeting, Seattle, WA,  2008

·         Underwater Intervention Conference, New Orleans, LA 2008 & 2007

·         Research Vessel Technicians Committee Meeting, Monterey, CA, 2007

·         Marine Technology Society/IEEE Oceans Conference, Boston, MA 2006

·         Deep Submergence Science Committee Meeting, San Francisco, CA 2005





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