H-L Yu

Hwa-Lung Yu

Assistant Professor
Dept of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering
National Taiwan University
Taipei, 10617, Taiwan


Email: hlyu@ntu.edu.tw

BMElab Graduate Research Assistant, 2002-2005



Major: Environmental Modeling       Minor: Statistics

Thesis: Development and Implementation of Knowledge Synthesis Methods for Stochastic

               Natural Systems”

Thesis: "Applied Random Walk Method and Stochastic Analysis to Solute Transport"

Research Interests

  • Environmental Information Synthesis Modeling
  • Temporal GIS and Numerical Development of Advanced Functions.
  • Human Exposure and Integrative Risk Assessment.
  • Spatiotemporal Stochastics and Geostatistics.
  • Environmental Fate and Transport (atmospheric pollutants, subsurface contaminants etc.).
  • Theoretical and computational modelling of natural systems (hydrology, hydrogeology etc)




  • Christakos, G., R. A. Olea, M. L. Serre, H-L Yu, and L. Wang, 2005. Interdisciplinary Public Health Reasoning and Epidemic Modeling: The Case of Black Death.  Springer-Verlag, New York, NY.


Papers in Refereed Scientific Journals:


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  • Yu, H-L, G. Christakos, D. Tartakovsky, K. Modis and G. Papantonopoulos, 2007.  “Composite solution of a physical equation representing the three-dimensional geothermal field in Nea Kessiani (Greece)”. J. Geophysical Research.  112, B06104, doi:10.1029/2006JB004900. 


  • Yu, H-L, and G. Christakos, 2006. “Spatiotemporal modelling and mapping of the Bubonic plague epidemic in India.” International J. of Health Geographics, 5:12.  (No. 3 among the 10 most Highly-accessed papers for 2006). (On-line Serials)


  • Yu, H-L, A. Kolovos, G. Christakos, J-C Chen, S. Warmerdam and B. Dev, 2007. “Interactive Spatiotemporal Modelling of Health Systems: The SEKS-GUI Framework”, Stochastic Environmental Research & Risk Assessment  Special Volume on Medical Geography as a Science of Interdisciplinary Knowledge Synthesis under Conditions of Uncertainty, 21(5), 555-572


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  • Yu, H-L, J-C Chen and G. Christakos, 2007. “Estimating Residential Levels of Exposure to Ambient PM10 and Ozone at Multiple Time-Scales in the Carolinas with Bayesian Maximum Entropy Methods”.  Epidemiology.  In preparation.


  • Yu, H-L and G. Christakos, 2007. “Dealing with spatiotemporal heterogeneity: the stochastic BME-  model.” Technometrics. In preparation.


Papers in Refereed Volumes:


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  • Yu, H-L, 2006. “Knowledge synthesis methods for spatiotemporal modeling” Invited Talk in Dept. of Geography, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. April 6.


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  • Marc L. Serre, S. J. Lee, and H-L Yu, 2002. “Toxicokinetic modeling using space/time mapping of exposure fields with existing health outcome data in a measurement error model.” External Advisory Committee meeting of the Center of Environmental Health and Susceptibility at UNC - Pilot Project Program, September 12.


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