Elizabeth Christenson

PhD Student
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7400

Room: 14 Rosenau Hall
Phone: (919) 966 1095

e-mail: cgelizab@email.unc.edu





Elizabeth joined the BME-lab in August 2013 and her research interests are GIS-based analysis currently applied to water quality assessment and its impacts on environmental and human health.  Elizabethís masterís work is estimating trichloroethylene (TCE) and tetrachloroethylene (PCE) contamination in North Carolina groundwater using space-time covariance and land use regression models.  This work will additionally estimate exposure to TCE and PCE and cancer incidence. Prior to graduate school, Elizabeth worked as a research technician with The Water Institute at UNC doing spatial analysis of exposure and vulnerability of global water resources to climate-related hazards and assessing the implications of an urban:rural dichotomy in global drinking water targets.





Microsoft Office (including Access and advanced Excel)


(1)  Christenson, E.; Elliott, M.; Banerjee, O.; Hamrick, L.; Bartram, J. Climate-Related Hazards: A Method for Global Assessment of Urban and Rural Population Exposure to Cyclones, Droughts, and Floods. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2014, 11, 2169-2192.

(2) Bain, R.; Christenson, E.; Wright, J.; Bartram, J. Rural:urban inequalities in post 2015 targets and indicators for drinking water.  Science of the Total Environment 2014. In review.

(3) Christenson, E.; Bain, R; Wright, J; Aondoakaa, S.; Hossain, R; Bartram, J. Safety of drinking-water in rural and urban Nigeria: microbial water quality and sanitary risk. Science of the Total Environment 2014. In review.


Graduate Research Consultant, 2013

Medical Geography

Grading Assistant, 2010; 2012

Environmental Modeling


Community Activities


Volunteer Tutor for ESL family, 2008 to present

Carrboro Fall League, Ultimate Frisbee Commissioner, 2011; 2013