BMEGUI version 3.0.1

(Windows Operating System)

Primary Developer: Prahlad Jat


BMEGUI is a software providing a Graphical Users Interface (GUI) to the Bayesian Maximum Entropy (BME) advanced functions of Space/Time geostatistical analysis. Using this software, the user has access to an easy-to-use interface for the analysis of space/time data.


BMEGUI version 3.0.1 implements the river metric, and uses BMElib 2.0b and python 2.5

(See how we change name of BMEGUI’s different versions)


Installation instructions and user’s manual


Instructions on installing BMEGUI version 3.0.1 on your computer


The BMEGUI 3.0.1 user’s manual



Tutorial 1:   Spatial kriging (i.e. hard data across space)     

Tutorial 2:   Temporal BME (i.e. time series of soft data)       

Tutorial 3:   Space/time BME for synchronized data      

Tutorial 4:   Space/time BME for real world irregular data        

Tutorial 5:   Data error handling     

Tutorial 6 :  Mean trend and covariance modeling     

Tutorial 7:   Space/time estimation of dissolved oxygen using river distances      


Tutorial Data Files



Determine Operating System type (Control Panel\System and Security\System) and download appropriate version of BMEGUI: 

(1)         BMEGUI for 64-bit operating system

                                                  i.      The BMEGUI libraries: (right click and save)

                                                ii.      The BMEGUI python application: (right click and save. This file was updated on 8/30/2016 to contain the  MSVCP71.DLL file that is missing on some windows computers)


(2)         BMEGUI for 32-bit operating system

                                                  i.      The BMEGUI libraries: (right click and save)

                                                ii.      The BMEGUI python application: BMEGUI3.0.1_32bitOS (right click and save)


NOTE: The installation manual, user manual, and tutorials are similar for both versions but written for the 64-bit operating system



In some cases, BMEGUI3.0.1 will work when you install it, and then it stops working if you install ArcGIS after BMEGUI3.0.1 was already installed. This is because BMEGUI3.0.1 must open in python2.5, however the subsequent installation of ArcGIS tells windows to use a later version of python. To resolve this issue, you must uninstall BMEGUI3.0.1 (you do this by going to windows “add/remove program” utility, finding the programs that were installed with BMEGUI3.0.1, and removing them. If a program was installed with BMEGUI3.0.1, but is not listed in the “add/remove program” list, then that program does not need to be removed), and then reinstall BMEGUI3.0.1 by following the instructions for installation (all the programs listed in these instructions need to be re-installed, even if they were not removed).