BMEGUI provides a Graphical Users Interface (GUI) to the Bayesian Maximum Entropy Library (BMElib) used to conduct Space/Time geostatistical analysis.



Versions of BMEGUI


BMEGUI version 1.0c (BMElib 2.0b, python 2.4.4, and works in arcGIS 9.1)


BMEGUI version 2.0 (BMElib 2.0b, python 2.4.1, and works in arcGIS 9.2)


BMEGUI version 2.1 update 1 [BMEGUI 2.1.1] (BMElib 2.0b, python 2.5.1, and works in arcGIS 9.3)


BMEGUI version 3.0 update 0 [BMEGUI 3.0.0] (River metric, BMElib 2.0b, python 2.5.1, does not need arcGIS, win 7  64 bit OS)


BMEGUI version 3.0 update 1 [BMEGUI 3.0.1] (same as BMEGUI 3.0.0 with minor updates)